Revolutionising Job Platforms

A typical job platform shows to potential candidates a near endless list of companies and jobs to choose from

For candidates this means,
 wasting time searching and filtering job offers as well as writing hundreds of applications. This can be a full time job in and of itself! Not to mention the frustration about rejections!

For employers this means,
 wasting time and resources reading and answering thousands of applications.

We asked ourselves,
How can we improve the process ?
What is going wrong ?

The answer is our concept,
It’s simple,
and revolutionary

So what’s our approach?
It’s all very simple
. Instead of the Talents (candidates) contacting employers, employers are now the ones reaching out to the Talents.
 In other words: we got rid of the endless listings.

For Talents this means:
posting their resumés once and
 never write an application letter ever again, now being the ones who are contacted by employers.
”It’s not about searching,
its about being found”


For Employers it means:

Selective search via comfortable and effective searching and matching algorithms. You get full control and
 are able to find the Talents you are looking for without dealing with tons of applications.

So what changed?

We focus on the Talents’ resumés.
 Employers have simple and effective tools at their disposal to target and find specific Talents that fit their needs. This results in less wasted time on both ends.

This way it is likely that one of the first candidates that is contacted is the right one!

Thats all.

Simple and revolutionary.

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